Welcome to the Community Forum for MFT & Lumix fullframe cameras!

We are photo enthusiasts and professionals who share the love for photography/video in general and for the Panasonic Lumix cameras/lenses in particular.

Panasonic offers with its camerabrand “Lumix” two different camera-systems with different sensor sizes.

On one hand there is the well established MicroFourThirds (MFT) system, on the other hand there is since around 2019 also the Lumix fullframe system with L-Mount, which is also used from Leica and Sigma.

As always with Lumix cameras, both systems offer excellent video capabilities.

Last, but not least there are also the Lumix P&S for enthusiasts, often with Leica lenses.

But of course also Olympus MFT users are very welcome here!

Curious? Then join our independant Lumix Community Forum.

Enjoy it!